Security Message

On generic Linux OS we’re able to add some stuff in file “/etc/motd” in order to give you a security WARNING or a FUNNY logo. Of course you can read my this post to find out something. Then in Oracle how could I archive the same effect when logging on to the command line window of SQL*Plus? After reading David Fitzjarrell‘s article “Setting A Logon Security Message In Oracle” I know the answer.

David mentioned a parameter “SEC_USER_AUDIT_ACTION_BANNER” which has been added in file “sqlnet.ora” that is located in the “$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin” directory on his post. Next I search that parameter on Oracle Docs and have understood it has existed from version 11g and later. The following 2 screenshots can also indicate it. Continue reading

Get DDL of an Oracle DPV

As well known as there have major two views which are both SDDV and DPV on Oracle Database Reference of 11.2,  perhaps you once remembered that my previous note have mentioned how to get DDL of an Oracle SDDV hence next this note I’ll introduce how to get DDL of an Oracle DPV. Continue reading

Get DDL of an Oracle SDDV

A couple of days ago I glanced at Oracle 11.2 Database Reference from official documentations.


As you can see from the previous picture Part II introduces the Static Data Dictionary Views (SDDV) of Oracle and Part III lists all of the Dynamic Performance Views (DPV). Let me give an example if you want to see/know some basic info of SDDV “DBA_TEMP_FREE_SPACE” and you solely find the following this picture from the manual. Continue reading

Showing Legacy Mode Parameter: “statistics=none” when expdp data of table

The day before yesterday my oracle developer co-worker asked me to send him a dmp file with EXPDP for two tables on critical schema of our oracle production system, and I added this special parameter “statistics=none” when executing expdp command to mean that no including extra statistics information on that dmp file.

Unfortunately I encountered/noticed this messages (tips) “Legacy Mode Parameter: “statistics=none” Location: Command Line, ignored.” after I was inputting necessary expdp statement and pressed the Enter key on my keyboard. Continue reading