Oracle Performance Metrics #JoelKallmanDay

I’ve finished reading the blog post published by Tim Hall on his blog on Oct 04, 2021, you know he shared it by LinkedIn and Twitter as well on the same day. Yes, so many oracle folks and friends all retweet his post (of course include me), It has no doubt that that post has a great sentimental value for everybody. By the way I’ve also followed up the similar blog on 2019, the same intention, I decided to continue writing the blog post for commemorating Joel R. Kallman abidingly and permanently this year.

I’ve found out so many performance metrics on one oracle database monitored by EMCC 13.5, such as the following 2 number of screenshots.

Certainly oracle database exists several pretty critical performance metrics (in particular throughput) more than aforementioned two items. Hence I spent recent two weeks writing a few SQL scripts about oracle performance metrics (aka, AWR trend) to identify my oracle database performance situation (in the past and real time) to tackle urgent performance issue immediately by observation and analysis. In the meantime I published them to my GitHub Repository – as you can see the section with “awr_trend” and “recent_metrics”, on the other hand, I’ll be possible to update them and add some new SQL scripts continually in next few weeks.

These oracle performance metrics are listed here by ascending alphabetically:

The next goal is about to visualize those performance metrics on SQL Developer based on this awesome blog post from Uwe M. Kuechler.

Joel Kallman, we’ll miss you forever, the enormous “Thank you” to great and amazing contribution to oracle community.

By Quanwen Zhao

I’m Quanwen Zhao. Currently I’ve been hiring at Taiji Comp Co., Ltd and am an Oracle DBA with more than 8.5 years experiences of using oracle database. At the same time I am responsible for some customers' Oracle Database in Beijing of China. In the meantime I’m pretty lucky to award as an ACE by Oracle Corp. on Jun 17th, 2020.

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