Speaking sessions – Linux basis and Oracle RAC

A couple of days ago (recently three weeks every Saturday this month) I gave another company to do some training about Linux basics and Oracle RAC.

Mentioned this thing, I need to specially thank my friend. Because he recommend me to speak Oracle course to that company.

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passwd: Authentication token manipulation error

The day before yesterday I used Oracle VM VirtualBox to deploy “Oracle Linux Server release 7.3” successfully. You can download the full Oracle Linux installation media via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Please take a looking at the following three screenshots,

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Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2012-1675

Last Thursday afternoon someone gave me a call to seek advice about how to fix the Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2012-1675. I think this matters usually looks very urgent. Just at that moment I searched “CVE-2012-1675” on my Google Chrome browser. Of course Oracle has given a specific solution on this web URL – https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/security/alert-cve-2012-1675-1608180.html.

Next I quickly read some important content via previous web address. Now let’s take a closer look at the part of Description and Affected Products and Versions on it.

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A really greatful day at Enmoedu

Although yesterday was Saturday, I had no rest and went to Enmoedu (about where is it you can read the second to last paragraph of my previous post) for listening to the teacher Dianbin Jiang speak his session “About Oracle RAC total solution (planning and designing, installing, deploying and troubleshooting)” in the forenoon, at the same time I participated in the meeting of OCMU this month and presented my session “How to optimize SQL statement of using DBLINK on Oracle” in the afternoon at the same room B10-5 as in the morning.

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Announce in advance Speaking my session on Oracle User Group – OCMU

Last month and January I took part in being related to oracle technology sharing meeting twice as an audience. As a whole it left me a deep feeling, even you can read my previous post. Meanwhile the sponsor of OCMU (Shengwen Hou) has announced that OCMU will have a meeting at the last Saturday every month from this year. It has no doubt that it’s really a good news for exchanging experience each other for all members of Oracle DBA.

As you know, it’s a common principle that it may seem to have only one or two Oracle DBA on each company because he/she (or they) plays a key or important role for maintaining Oracle Database. Thus at ordinary times who can communicate (or chat) with them (or he/she)? All of us, myself included, have been alone and lonely.

Very appreciate for the invitation of teacher Hou this time. As a guest speaker I’m lucky to will present my session “How to optimize SQL statement of using DBLINK on Oracle” at 14:00 PM on 2018/06/30  at the event site of OCMU.

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In my previous post, I discussed with you how to installing SQLcl 18.1.1 on your machine or system. Once you have deployed this funny tool on your machine, next you’re necessary to discover some new feature from there. About “SET SQLFORMAT” is a very interesting function. Here’s the operation steps connecting to my Oracle Database test server via SQLcl 18.1.1,

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Installing SQLcl 18.1.1

A the end of last month I posted 2 questions of “how to generate some big test tables and rapidly export their SQL data” on Oracle Ask TOM. Apart from Connor McDonald (a significant member of AskTOM teams) answered my first question on my post first time (afterwards I replied to Connor, I also had submitted this issue with the topic – “test table *test1* has generated and how to export pure data via *CSV* rapidly”) at the same time another reviewer Rajeshwaran Jeyabal from American Samoa (also known as Eastern Samoa) replied my second question as well. His nice review attracted my attention and he introduced 2 options to generate CSV output. One method is using Oracle 12.2 and another is SQLcl. I never heard of SQLcl than before. Just for curiosity’s sake so I wanna try to use the interesting and funny tool. It’s also the reason why I write this post.

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